Dear All,

Re: How I Became a Wildlife Artist

This great adventure of mine started fairly innocently.

I spent a glorious 25 years with the provincial government of British Columbia working in finance and policy (Ministry of Environment). During that time, I came to appreciate our wildlife and natural environment, all so delicately balanced! Then it came time to retire. So I did in 2009.

My life as a wildlife artist started soon thereafter. With time on my hands, and a Christmas gift of art supplies (from my wonderful spouse), I enrolled in art classes. First, it was traditional watercolour classes. Then it was Chinese brush lessons. I soon discovered Japanese art paper, and my career (second) as a professional wildlife artist started.

Learning to paint, especially watercolour, allows me to capture the very essence of wildlife and nature like no other medium. Much of our wildlife is affected to the point where we are losing them rapidly. So I do what I can to spread this message of awareness: to paint and capture our wildlife in beautiful, vibrant watercolours; to teach others how to do this; and along the way, to engage and connect people and communities through my love of art.

This love of mine has taken me to Australia and the United States, where I’ve taught, presented and shown my work (Watercolour on Japanese Art Paper). I now paint (professionally), teach and sell from my lovely home base of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

I have created an online community learning Group called “Paint-Along with Richard Wong Watercolours”, to share and extend my passion for art beyond boundaries. You will learn how to paint beautiful watercolours, and discover the magic of watercolour on Japanese art paper.

This totally fun Group (as art is to be enjoyed) is professionally led by me (Richard Wong). All levels are welcome. Beginners are especially encouraged. This Group is free to join. Sample some lessons. Then participate on a “sliding scale” of pay.

To find out more, please click Richard’s “Paint-Along and Learning Watercolour Group”.

Wishing you all a very lovely journey as we embark on yet another wildlife/art adventure full of wonder, excitement and discovery!


Professional Wildlife Artist
Watercolor on Japanese Art Paper