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"Pears", An Introduction to Watercolors.  Great for beginners and those wanting to review basics.  Includes 10 Tips: "How to Improve a Painting".  Learn how to create a "juicy" pear step-by-step.



"Seahorse" is fun for the whole family.  Learn how to create these lovely creatures with vibrant combination and blending of colors.


"Poppies" is for all floral lovers, and is one of my favourite flowers.  You don't have to wait until Remembrance Day to paint "Poppies of Flanders Field". (Recorded for Veterans/Remembrance Day, 2020).

"Irises" has always fascinated me, especially the multi-colored variety.  Work on this flower anytime.  (Recorded for Mother's Day, 2021).


"Chickadees" is for those who love painting these lovely songbirds.  Learn different ways to create pleasing texture with background foliage.

"Wood Ducks" is about a nestingpair.  Learn how to create this beautiful scene.

"Swallows" is about love and caring, showing two baby swallows in a heart shaped pose.  Learn how to paint realistic birds, including two ways to create foliage. (Recorded for Valentines Day, 2021).

"Nuthatch" is for all bird lovers.  Learn how to paint this beautiful song bird in an upside-down pose. I just love seeing them flit about up and down tree trunks and branches looking for tasty morsels.

"Downy Woodpecker".  Learn how to paint this species in its natural habitat.

"Songbirds & Sakuras" is a great mix of florals with our songbird design.  Learn an impressionistic approach and two ways to create sakuras/cherry blossoms.  (Recorded for Asian Heritage month, 5/2021).

"Cedar Waxwings".  Learn a variety of techniques, including two ways to paint foliage, used to create this beautiful songbird, which just loves our red summer/fall berries.  (Recorded sponsored event, 7/2021)


"Ox", is about strength and patience within Chinese zodiac.  Learn how to paint a real looking Ox mom and baby using blending and layering.  (Recorded for Chinese Year of the Ox, 2021).

"Rabbit".  This Easter Bunny is sure to delight .  Learn how to paint real bunnies with lilies and eggs.  (Recorded for Easter, 2021).


"How to Paint Mist & Fog".  Loose and impressionistic. Learn how to portray mystery by capturing elusive mist and fog. (Inspired by the little tree, Fairy Lake, Port Renfrew).

"How to Paint Water".  Learn three ways to portray water within a seascape setting: calm water, rolling water, and breaking water.  We show a fourth way towards the end of class.

"Arbutus Trees".  Learn how to paint the majestic Arbutus Tree.


"Leprechaun/Fairy Tree House, Butterflies & Shamrocks".  Fun for the whole family to paint within a fantasy forest setting.  (Recorded for Saint Patrick's Day, 2021).


"Matting Masa Paper" will take you through the steps to remove wrinkles/creases of originals by gluing the painting to 140lb support paper.  We then show you how to properly matte and frame to professional standards.

"Clouds".  We will take you through three ways on how to paint clouds: first, using tissue paper (kleenex); second using a damp brush; and third, using pre-trace/sketch in, then paint.  Mountains will be portrayed in the foreground to give perspective.


Sets of six classes within a small group, tutorial setting.  Relaxed, stress-free and enjoyable with a focus on technique/process.  Learn the best of Chinese brush and Contemporary Western when combined becomes Watercolor on Japanese art paper.  Each class is about 1.5 hours.  Choose your set.

$150/set.  Order.  (e-transfer preferred, or credit/debit)

Set #1: "Apples", "Puffling", "Birch Trees", "Sea Lion", "Lily", "White Tiger"

Set #2:  "Tulips", "Butterflies", "Mt. Baker & Blossoms", "Goldfish", "Chickadees & Cherries', "Snow Leopard"