Susan B., Victoria, BC

“I signed up for Richard Wong's Online Learning Series of 6 short lessons on Saturday mornings at the start of the year. The intent was to inspire and motivate people to get back into art and get energized. I had not done any painting or drawing in almost 3 years and seemed like it would be a good way to get my art supplies out and give it a go. I liked the time as I tend to get up before anybody else and could get the class done in time before we had to go out. Richard is very encouraging and supportive and his enjoyment of painting is infectious. I have already decided to take the next series of classes coming up in April. I would recommend these classes.”

Susan P., Victoria, BC

“I have really enjoyed Richard's Online Learning Series and looked forward to our time on Saturday morning. I liked the idea of having the motivational talk before we begin to paint as I found it really helped me to relax and get into using my paint brushes again.”

Jane W., Victoria, BC

Richard Wong’s Online Learning Series was a great online instructional course in watercolour painting. The group discussion was informative and fun, with inspired new topics each week.

I enjoyed painting the assigned subjects - animals, nature, people and architecture. It was an exciting challenge!

I looked forward to our sessions every Saturday, to see other artists and their work, exchange ideas and thoughts about painting techniques, home studio set ups, what motivates us and our personal journeys through art.”

Donna G., Victoria, BC

“I just started taking watercolour painting classes in January of last year. I am really enjoying Richard's Online Learning Series as I like the style of painting, and find the classes inspiring because of Richard's enthusiasm and that of the other students. It is a very supportive group.”

Melinda, W., Metchosin, BC

About Richard's Online Learning Series … I would like to comment on how appreciated Richard's thoughtful attention to all details and his artistry as an instructor are.

I enjoy the class format, Richard's presentations on how to stay inspired, opportunity for Q& A, his demo during group painting and the optional show and tell section. It offers a broad, full and inclusive learning process.

As a beginning watercolourist, I find our on-line classes challenging and at the same time surprisingly soothing as I learn to use the tools and apply techniques.”

Ryan Dow, Victoria, BC

"I would like to thank you once again for holding your excellent workshop at HCP last Sunday afternoon, "Gulls". I thought it was conducted very well considering all of the restrictive COVID protocols, and it was comfortable to be in the classroom for the afternoon. (The three hours really flew by!). I feel like I reached a new understanding of using watercolours when you spoke of and demonstrated the “activation” of the paint. It was very helpful." 

Cathy Roberts, Victoria, BC

"My good friend passed onto me one of Richard’s Watercolour painting newsletters and I decided to order some recordings (previously recorded classes) of a variety of paintings. I hadn’t painted for over 20 years but after a year of the covid pandemic I knew I needed to try painting again. I felt so much better, more relaxed and motivated and was painting more and more.

Richard is very positive with his feedback and wants you to enjoy yourself while painting. He is super organized and recordings come with the painting for you to print off or sketch, list of supplies needed, and downloading the recording is easy. I highly recommend buying a recording or joining one of Richard’s classes/workshops. Following Richard’s watercolour painting techniques has boosted my mental health and I have rediscovered my creativity and, best of all, I love it.  All thanks to Richard!"

Nora S., Victoria, BC

Thank you Richard Wong for your zoom watercolour class today.  My son (11) thoroughly enjoyed it as did his friend. Looking forward to see what you offer next. Really glad you posted about the classes!  It’s opened up the world of watercolours." 

Edna Hamilton, Victoria, BC

"Richard Wong makes his paintings come alive in a simple, pleasing way.

The artist presents on-line classes that are thoughtful , unhurried and enjoyable.
I have admired  his elegant brush paintings for sometime and note that a part of his creativity
passes on to his students.

I look forward to more of Richard’s on-line classes."

Celeste R., Ontario

Hi Richard! Thanks so much for the class! I liked it so much, my family has decided we are going to chip in for my mom to get paints and paper etc and pay for a few classes with you. Normally they’d be heading south but not this year (pandemic). So I figured, what a great way to have her do something creative, but also have my brother and sister too (for their kids to get on board as well).”

Jessica M., Washington, USA

"Your classes have brought me a lot of joy during a hard time!"


-  Sponsoring Agency: Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL)

-  Event:  Celebrating Asian Heritage Month. 05/2021

"Dear Richard,
Thanks so much for the wonderful Songbirds & Sakuras class this afternoon. It was great fun as your classes always are! Please pass along my sincere appreciation to the library for sponsoring this wonderful event. I hope we can have more in the future!
Take care.
Best regards,
Sherri Williams"

"Thank you Richard and also the Greater Victoria Public Library, for this very special class!! It was a good class and such a variety of people, from various areas in Victoria, B.C. and other provinces. It was fun to have a mix of children and adults! 

I have not done a zoom art class before, but this is a great one, to inspire me to do more! So such a special afternoon!

Best wishes and Thank you."... Donna Guns

"Dear Richard,

What an enjoyable class today! Your delivery is wonderful and my daughter and I had a great time together, and loved hearing from all of the participants.

Thank you to GVPL for sponsoring the class, and to you for the careful instruction.

Best,"... Rebecca Forstad, Calgary


Thank you for the class.  I was so focused I forgot about the pandemic. Am happy with my little painting..."

... Cheers, Kim VW

"Hi Richard!

I just wanted to say thanks so much to both you and to the Victoria Public Library for your wonderful watercolour class Songbirds and Sakuras. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Asian heritage together. You taught fun and interesting ways of using a Chinese paint brush and water bottle to achieve different effects. I appreciated this wonderful opportunity very much. "

... Marjorie Forbes

"Great Victoria Public Library,

Thank you for sponsoring, “Songbirds & Sakuras” Workshop with Richard Wong to celebrate Asian Heritage Month. I thoroughly enjoyed  this wonderful workshop. Richard is a patient and knowledgable teacher who made this class fun, relaxing and timed at a comfortable pace to follow. Richard provided an art experience to enjoy both for experienced and beginner painters. Richard provided a supply list and an easy to trace image. What a fabulous way to celebrate Asian heritage, connect with others and enjoy a stress-free two hours of painting with Richard. Please continue to sponsor these wonderful art experiences for the community. I highly recommend Richard Wong as a watercolour teacher/presenter."

Kind regards,

Daunine Burbank

"The session was super enjoyable. Thanks to you and to the Victoria Public Library for the experience."... Gayle Nye

"Thank you Richard! Also a huge thank you to the Greater Victoria Library for sponsoring this Watercolour painting zoom workshop for free for us. What a wonderful way to celebrate Asian Heritage month. That was such a beautiful painting Richard and so relaxing. You are amazing to take on 35 participants and keep us happy for over two hours. Kudos to you!"

... Cheers, Cathy