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  • After years of teaching, I have found that student success and enjoyment are keys to staying inspired and motivated.  Our classes are based on those factors: enjoyment, patience and kindness; and along the way students find others that love to paint.  Scroll down for our latest classes.   

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SPECIAL EVENT:  "Christmas Sparrow" Art Class ONLINE

Dec. 10th, 10-11:30am (PT)

Enjoy an early Christmas gift for the whole family at half price.  Gather online with other families to celebrate the season.  $12/family (includes class recording).

Register here.


1. Small Group Continuing Sessions (6 Weeks Online) 

TBA 2023

Suitable for those with a little more paint experience. Small group offers the best way to learn.  We have more time.  Learn how to create lovely/vibrant watercolors on Japanese art paper (or 140lb) using Richard's unique East/West approach. Enjoy new subjects each time (birds, florals, mammals, landscapes, still life, nature, sea life, city life).  Richard's classes are relaxed, stress-free and professionally supported.  Taped classes provided for you to keep.

Group Max: 6-8

2.  "Architecture/Cityscape" Mini-Series

Sat, Nov 19 - Dec 1, 9:30 - 11:00am (PT)

This is an introduction.  Structures, city and rural scenes have always been complex subjects, but it doesn't have to be so.  

We will learn how to make these scenes look interesting and pleasing.  Suitable for all levels.

$25/person live online drop-in, or $75/series.

Or Recorded: $15/class or $45/series.

Open for Registration:  Contact Richard.

Sample Class Image

3. Learning Series to Inspire & Motivate

Stay tuned.  Our next Series will be announced here.

This is a program of ongoing talks and lessons.  We have identified many "keys" that helps with keeping our creative flames alive and well!  Each class starts with a brief talk/discussion on a key topic, followed by a lesson on a number of different subject matter.  Students will receive the taped classes in YouTube format.  Read what students have said about this program.

Sample PreviousTopics: #1 "Experimentation/Exploration"; #2 "Maintaining Patience"; #3 "Calming our Critical Voice"; #4 "Building Confidence"; #5 "Having Our Own Space"; #6 "Cultivating a Sense of Community"

Tuition:  $25/person/class drop-in or by the set.  Recorded Classes: $15/class or $90/set.

Registration:  Contact Richard.


Horticultural Centre of the Pacific (HCP), 505 Quayle Rd., Victoria, BC

Stay tuned for our winter schedule at the HCP.

Check out our Recorded Classes below.  Convenient/flexible.  Paint on your ownschedule.