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  • After years of teaching, I have found that student success and enjoyment are keys to staying inspired and motivated.  Our classes are based on those factors: enjoyment, patience and kindness; and along the way students find others that love to paint.  Scroll down for our latest classes.   

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"Cordova Bay Day", Sat, June 22, 11-3pm

My Location:  St. David's Church, 5182 Cordova Bay Rd

"Gorge on Art", July 1, 10-4pm

My Location: bottom of Adelaide St. along the Gorge

"Esquimalt Art Tour", July 6, 10-4pm

My Location: 1251 Highrock Ave.

"Moss Street Paint-In", July 20, 10-4pm

"Scattered Artists", Aug 24-25, 11-4pm

My Location:  3735 Ascot Dr.


Tba.  Stay tuned.


At Colwood Arts & Culture (170 Goldfinch Road, Colwood)

Tba.  Stay tuned.

At the HCP (505 Quayle Rd, Saanich)

"Songbirds" We'll be working on this collage of "Songbirds".  You can choose to work on one larger painting per image below during the class, or work on several miniatures, each depicting a different bird.  I will guide you through.

Tuition: $90/class includes supplies; or $80/class if you bring your own supplies.

When? Fri, June 28, 1:00-4:00pm 
Register Online, or Call HCP Reception: (250) 479-6162